Members Honorary:

Rob C(since '86)
First Scooter - Sprint Veloce 150 Rides - Rob has owned many great bikes over the years including TV175 series II and TV200
Resides - 'jet city' Seattle, WA
Beer - espresso
Coffee - espresso
Ice Cream - espresso!

Michelle (since '86)
First Scooter - 50 Special
Rides - PX
Resides - Olympia, WA
Beer - yes

Chris (since '86)
First Scooter - Rally 200
Rides - loads of cool stuff; same old rally 200 repainted again & again, Li 125 series II, Li 150 series III, BMW R/60
Resides - Bremerton, WA "it's not Seattle... but then again, it's not Seattle"

Born - Vancouver, B.C.
First Scooter - Rally 200
Rides - owns scooter shop, has 'several' scooters!
Resides - Seattle, WA
Beer - 9 lb hammer!

Rides - Lambretta Li 150
Resides - Seattle, WA
Ex-Sonic Boom Scooters

First Scooter - VBB 150
Rides - PX150EFL
Resides - Los Angeles, CA

First Scooter - Spanish 125 Super
Resides - unknown; ex-Calgary

First Scooter - VS1 GS150 in the '50s in Germany
mechanic/owner of Mid-town Service, Vespa dealer for Calgary from 1979-85 German racer, trials rider, mechanic, supremo! cheers George!
Retired - Shuswap, B.C.

First Scooter - Primavera 125
Resides - Seattle, WA

Rob H.
First Scooter - P125X
Rides - Lambrettas
Resides - Seattle, WA

Jeff L.
First Scooter - Vespa
Last Scooter - Vespa!
Resides - PDX
Author - PDX rider 'zine
Jeff has forgotten more about Vespas than I will ever know. The first big collection of Vespas I ever saw were the GS's in Jeff and Darren's garage and backyard way back in the '80s (D.B.)

Rides - wild Lambretta chopper among other things...
Resides - Edinburgh
Presides - Coyotes, S.C. Scotland

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