Jaguars S.C. 1984

If you are all seated comfortably then we'll begin...

Jaguars S.C. was formed by Daaren, Val and Steve in the summer of 1984. This is one of the oldest known scooter clubs in Canada; preceded only (on the west coast at least) by the New Westminster Royals and the Upstreet Runners (Vancouver's; Scotty K., John, Zoltan et al... ) the Buzz Club and Jet City Scooter Clubs (from Seattle), Flying Circus S.C. (San Francisco) and Secret Society (San Diego) possibly having formed slightly earlier in the U.S.A.

An initial run of 12 club patches was followed by a dozen more circa 1987. These later patches feature a slightly different design but both state Jaguars S.C., Calgary and bear the clubs motto:

Keep the Faith!

Jaguars members have come and gone over the last 25 years but all have shared a love of modernism, soul music and vintage Italian scooters.

In 2008 a further 12 Jaguars club member patches were produced to a design which reflects the club's current membership in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Additionally a patch celebrating the club's 25th Anniversary debuted just in time for Christmas 2008.

Both new Jaguars S.C. patches pay homage to the original from 1984. The introduction of these new patches allowed for some creative input on the part of some younger members of the club.

The club retains a strong core membership and maintains a policy of adding new members at the rate of approximately 2 per year.

Stefan and Trevor are the some of the club's newest members. A welcome addition; these 2 youngbloods are helping to maintain a tradition of spirit and camaraderie best summed up thusly:

'Heart of Soul'